What students say

What people have said about Cecily's Chelsea Workshops

"I have worked with Cecily for years. She is an insightful teacher and an incisive critic, always going to the heart of the piece- whether it be a story, poem or novel, or play, and forcing you to consider the 'centre' of it. You can't get away with using tricks; the emotions behind the words must be real."

—Candyce Lange

"Cecily's exercise workshops propelled me forward after a long block. She was supportive throughout. These workshops were an amazing and exciting experience. Ideas sprang out of them as if from nowhere launching me into the short stories I am now writing. She has an extraordinary imagination and never tires of listening. I found her an inspired teacher."

—Kevin Reagan

"Cecily's writers' workshops are extremely helpful to writers of all ages and abilities. Her intelligent comments and kind critique allows you to hone your skills and see exactly where you are going wrong, and the support and encouragement you receive makes you want to continue writing, even when at times you may doubt your own abilities. The friendly atmosphere of a small group is the perfect learning ground for any would-be writer and helped me enormously. I would highly recommend it."


"As a new writer, I found Cecily's small, friendly workshops truly inspiring.  The exercises, in particular, were useful in firing my imagination to reveal new depths.  Overall, the sessions were stimulating and very enjoyable .  If you're interested in developing your creative writing skills, these workshops are excellent."

—Lorraine de Costa